Profound group of Companies

The Profound group has been active for 18 years now and is a leading consultancy in the field of immigration and educational consultants. Presently we have 2 branches and many associates in India and world.

Profound Trainers

After being inspired to provide solutions for this country with its burgeoning population and a simultaneous deficit of quality workers in developing countries, our vision is to provide the best solutions for students seeking quality education abroad with a view of settling and also to those candidates seeking to migrate permanently. We endeavor to also provide the best coaching for IELTS exam with an intuitive naturalistic approach so that the students develop skills not only to score well but also so that these skills may be useful to them in their education and communication when they land in these countries. Our commitment is to provide tailor-made solutions to our clients to fulfill all their needs and to the level of their expectation and satisfaction while also being sensitive and responsive to their questions.

Profound Consultants

We, the founder members of Profound Consultants, Mr. Umang Vakil and Mr. Alpesh Patel started the firm with a vision of fulfilling the needs of the students looking for an appropriate career and education. And there is an infrastructure deficit in India due to which many are already suffering so to serve the purpose we have started this ‘NOBLE BUSINESS’ and today we are expanded over all major cities of Gujarat with two branches of our own and the network we have formed.

Parth Tank’s Profound Consultants

With the support of Parth J. Tank institute we are present in the heart of Ahmedabad serving in the financial capital of the state of Gujarat. Parth J. Tank has been a teaching faculty of Mathematics subject catering to the students of 11th and 12th science and has taught over 10000 students in last 15 years. With a common vision to place the student in the best of the universities of the world and provide proper guidance for students so they get a better platform to explore their skills and enhance the level of knowledge.

Study awaits for you...